“Section 1983” Lawsuits Against the City of New York

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When New York City representatives violate your civil rights while acting under the color of New York State law, the attorneys at Nass, Roper, & Levin, PC are here to bring a lawsuit on your behalf.

The Civil Rights Act of 1871 (42 U.S.C. § 1983) provides that citizens can sue government representatives for civil rights violations as long as the representatives were “acting under the color” of state law. “Section 1983” lawsuits allow citizens to sue the City of New York representatives who violate their Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights.

section 1983 new york lawsuitExamples of the City of New York Civil Rights Violations

The following are examples of “Section 1983” civil rights violations committed by City of New York representatives:

  • A City of New York representative uses excessive force against a citizen.
  • A healthcare provider in a New York state jail or mental health care facility negligently fails to assist a resident or prisoner with a significant health or safety issue.
  • A representative of the City of New York violates a citizen’s right to free speech.
  • A City of New York prosecutor targets a citizen with malicious prosecution.

Statute of Limitations for “Section 1983” Lawsuits

New York State has a three-year statute of limitations for civil rights lawsuits. The specific statute of limitations time period depends on the law under which the plaintiff brings the lawsuit. For example, if the plaintiff is bringing a claim under state law against a City of New York employee, he or she must file a notice of the claim within 30 days of the civil rights violation.

The state has a one-year statute of limitations for civil rights claims brought against private citizens representing the state such as a prison security guard. Civil rights lawsuits are time sensitive. To ensure that you file your lawsuit before it is time-barred, contact our office today.

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Citizens of the United States should not fear civil rights violations at the hands of their local government officials. That is why we aggressively represent our clients in civil rights lawsuits.

Our attorneys have a proven track record for securing compensation for our clients in “Section 1983” lawsuits against the City of New York. If a city official violated your civil rights, you need skilled legal help in securing compensation for your injuries. Contact Nass, Roper, & Levin, PC, your experienced Manhattan-based civil rights attorneys.


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