New York City Police Brutality Lawyers

Representing Victims of Police Misconduct in NYC & Long Island

The New York Police Department has been under recent scrutiny for the misconduct of their officers. Headlines have included instances of police brutality, use of excessive force and wrongful imprisonment. When police officers act wrongfully, the attorneys at Nass, Roper, & Levin, PC are ready to fight for the civil rights of New York residents.

Common Occurrences of Police Brutality in New York

Police brutality can take on many forms, including:

  • High-speed police car chases that result in the injury of a civilian
  • Emotional or mental abuse by police or correctional officers
  • Damages resulting from police tasers
  • Use of excessive force by the police
  • False imprisonment
  • False arrest
  • Wrongful shooting
  • Wrongful death in cases where police misconduct causes another person’s death

Our Firm Has a Proven Record for Bringing Police Misconduct Lawsuits

In 2012, we represented Otto Kogen, a 72-year-old man who sued the NYPD for $5 million after a police officer wearing plain clothes used excessive force against him. Three undercover police officers slammed Kogen against his car and rifled through his pockets. When Kogen threatened to call the police, one of the men showed him a police badge.

Kogen flagged down another police officer who left after the undercover officers said they were conducting a stop-and-frisk. Once the police officers left, Kogen called 911 and spend the next two days recuperating from the events at the hospital.

Our firm also represented Gilbert Baccallao, a former inmate of Rikers prison after a group of fellow prisoners brutally beat him at the direction of a supervising correctional officer. As a result of the beating, Baccallao continues to suffer from his injuries including anxiety and permanent hearing damage. Our firm filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York for failing to protect Baccallao while he was in the custody of the jail.

Have You Been Injured by Police Misconduct in New York City? Let Us Help You.

Have you been abused by a New York Police Department Officer? Did an officer use excessive force against you or a loved one?

We advise you to immediately contact an experienced civil rights attorney who will inform you about your best options for bringing a civil rights lawsuit and recovering damages against the City. 

Contact our experienced NYC police brutality lawyers at Nass, Roper, & Levin, PC, and we will fight aggressively for your right to compensation.


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